The next event: "Information Day, NUTRITION", According to the methods of global learning with lectures, workshops and hands-on activities, organized by NDwenga e.V. and supported by ABROS green GmbH will take place on Saturday 07 February 2015

Location: Henri Dunant hall in Stadtwerke Fellbach, Ringstrasse 5, 70736 Fellbach

Time: 15:00 - 21:00 O'clock


15:00 Lecture: Mr. Benary Patrick Andrianampy Dipl.Ing.agr. and worked for several years as an agricultural consultant in BW - Mr. Andrianampy presents the agricultural situation in Germany, discusses the EU's agricultural policy and its impact on rural families in developing countries

16:00 Winfried Bauer: 1. Chairman of the Association for a just world, operator of the Fellbacher One World Shop - "Eating from the bucket": Mr. Bauer deals with the issue of food waste. The agricultural subsidies overproduction can not be eaten in Europe alone, so much ends up in the garbage while elsewhere in the world people are starving.

17:00 Lecture: Dr. Lucimara Brait-Poplawski: Board member of the Academic Association against global poverty - ASAP Germany and lecturer at the Hochschule Esslingen. Mrs. Brait-Poplawski sets out the basis of the human right to food as a national and international government commitment. She will also address the fact that hunger is not a question of lack of food production, but a question of the distribution of resources.

18:00 Workshop: Susanne Haller-Sadiq: Mother and graduate Diplom-Dietetics. "You are what you eat - first check then taste." - Playful knowledge transfer for a development and health-promoting nutrition everyday. Joint preparation of a healthy evening bread with local products.

19:00 Dance Workshop: Daniela Plato - Workshop Leader. Important for health is not only food but also movement. With a few steps around the world.

20:00 O'clock a concert by Michael Dikizeyeko. Michael Dikizeyeko was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Because of the war that destroyed his home, he decided to emigrate in 1997 and went to Germany. In his songs, Michael Dikizeyeko of explains his experiences during the war in Congo, about his life as an asylum seeker in Germany and thus allows an exploration of this topic


Conference fee: 3, - €

Information booths and exhibition: "Healthy - delicious - full! Together for a world without hunger! "

Promoted by the Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg (SEZ)

"Funded by the Church Development Service by Bread for the World -. EED"

Supported by:

1- DTE Buildung trifft Entwicklung
2- Das Entwicklungspädagogische Informationszentrum EPIZ
3- Stiftung Entwicklungszusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg SEZ
4- Bürgerstiftung Fellbach
5- ABROS green GmbH