The next event of the program CoSDeP (Conflict Sensitiv Development Policy) about "Food security and sovereignty in conflict regions" will take place on 27. November 2014, in Stuttgart, University of Hohenheim, organized by CLEAN-AFRICA e.V. in cooperation with the Food Security Center (FSC) and the Center of Agriculture and supported by ABROS greem GmbH, Bundesministerium für Innen, the city of Stuttgart and FORUM der Kulturen e.V.


Eight out of ten of the world’s poorest countries are suffering, or have recently suffered, from large scale violent conflict . More so, wars in developing countries have heavy human, economic, and social costs and are a major cause of poverty and underdevelopment.
According to Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN), Conflict sensitivity in development assistance can serve not only to decrease levels of violent conflict or the potential for violent conflict, but also to increase the effectiveness of the assistance. Development assistance without conflict sensitivity can inadvertently encourage conflict, and end up doing more harm than good.
Concerning the above issues, CLEAN-AFRICA with the Center for Agriculture in the Tropics and Subtropics and the Food Security Center would like to conduct several related events to convey the theme of conflict sensitivity particularly in relation to the theme Food Security and – Sovereignty in conflict areas. .


- Informing and sensitizing participants about North-South chain of conflicts and its Repercussions
- Understanding of the interaction between Conflict, Food Security and Sovereignty
- Understanding the interaction between conflict and development (what does it mean working in, around or in the middle of conflict areas for each occupational group such as architects, doctors, planners, engineers, development workers, etc. ; what is the prevalence of conflicts in developing countries and their possible causes)
- Analyzing the effects to the civil societies in the North by the conducted conflict planning and development in the South.
Overall, the goal of the project is to analyze a snapshot of the conflict awareness among participants in the development of political information and work education in Germany. Based on the demonstration of best practice of the projects both from home and abroad, potential conceptual development of individual education are planned to be offered.


Thursday 27 November 2014, Uni- Hohenheim

18:00 Registration and Snacks
18:15 Welcoming and introductory Speech
18:20 Presentations:
- Conflict - Food related Development Analysis
Flavio Valente: Gen. Sec.FIAN Intern.
- Conflict – Food sensitive Planning and implementation
Professor Dr. Regina Birner: Uni - Hohenheim
- Conflict – Food Resolution Strategies
Dr. Michael Ashkenazi: BICC in Bonn
19:00 Short Film
19:25 Panel Discussion
19:45 Q & A.
19:55 Closing Remarks
20:15 Snacking and music

Admission is FREE


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