ABROS green GmbH has lunched a relief project to support the Bunabumali Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy project with:

  • Solar Bakery
  • PV solar systems to cover all the power needs including the school, dormitory units, houses...etc (lighting, electrical devices, ACs...etc)
  • Solar ovens
  • Support in infrastructure, architectural and civil engineering projects


    Bunabumali Good Samaritan Orphan &amb; Needy project isa registered community Based organization/orphanage that is committed to ensure full enjoyment of life and human rights for AIDS,Orphans and other most vulnerable groups including the needy children from the poorest families, the organization/orphanage is currently operating in Uganda,Bududa district in Eastern Uganda, at the Borders of Kenya in the above named Address.

    While illness, diseases are destroying families, Bunabumali Good Samaritan Orphan & Needy project is on a mission to place orphaned and vulnerable children in loving families, where they have a house mother and fatherly input from the established programs. Since HIV/AIDS was discovered in 1981, more than 20 million people have lost their life's in Uganda.

    Stories of children going hungry or starving in areas that always had food, Because HIVinfected parents who were farmers became too weak to till the fields are increasingly reported across Africa. Many traditional agrarian societies rely on women to produce food, particularly in Africa, where 80% of subsistence farmers are women. During times of famine these women know which wild grains, roots, and berries can be eaten when there are no crops.


    The project is located in Bunabumali village, Buwali parish Bubiita Sub County Manjiya County, Bududa district, Eastern Uganda.

    Bunabumali project location


    The project is a subsidiary of Mbale district, and it‘s located in Mbale /bududa district, The project has been a result of high rates of landslides which has left many children parents this started far 1990's update www.bunabumali.org , to reduce the high rate of Population growth rate, and provide essential/ basic services Nearer to the needy. Actually the community has been very important in provision Of citizens /masses, space for the establishment of the Project. There’s a risk of landslides which have left many people homeless and a lot of children orphans/needy

    landslides Uganda


    Several sections or group of citizens are voluntarily benefiting From the project. These groups of people include:

  • Orphans: These are people of lower age or upper age i.e. children.Under 18 years, who have lost either one or both of there Parents /Guardians.
  • Youths’: These are groups of people who have their parent but they are unable to provide the essential/basic Them.
  • Some of these people have been abandoned and Dropped off on to the streets and they lack where to get Shelter and food.

    Our solar cookers will help to solve those problems in Bunabumali - Uganda, providing the community with safe, fossil-fuel free and healthy cooking solution.

    children bunabumali

    A visit to Bunabumali