Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World.
It is future,we make it bright!

Our services for energy-based exclusive MATLAB software development:

Grün leben GmbH develops customized MATLAB based software programs to meet your company's specific needs in the following fields:

• General optics applications
• Concentrated Solar Power systems (Solar tower power plants, parabolic troughs power plants, Stirling dishes power systems)
• Photovoltaic power systems
• Heat pumps applications
• Combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) systems


You have a need to automate a business process and you can buy off the shelf software to solve this need, the problem however is that the off the shelf software doesn't solve your business need well enough, to the degree that it isn't worth buying the software. In this instance you would call us and we would arrange a meeting in which we meet to discuss your needs. Once the meeting is done, we will provide your company with a no obligations free quotation on what the costs would be to have a customized software program developed that fits your exact needs.


Once the quotation is accepted, we develop the software and deliver it to the client. Once delivery of the system is complete we put in place processes to ensure that we will always be there to meet your expectations with this program going into the future.

Our Solutions for rural electrification cover the following renewable energy systems: