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Grün leben GmbH develops solar thermal energy projects in an international basis. We rely on our specialized engineering and long-standing Know-How in concentrated solar power technology and conventional energy production, to support solar power plants (CSP) from project development until operation.

concentrated solar power
Concentrated Solar Power Technologoies.

Grün leben GmbH develops models to combine solar thermal power plants with fossil fuels, as coal or combined cycle plants, and biomass plants. Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) systems would use steam generated by a solar field coupled to a conventional coal or natural gas-powered steam plant. The steam generated by the CSP plant can be injected into the turbine of a natural gas or coal plant, be used to preheat the incoming gas stream for a combined cycle plant, or perform a thermochemical process on natural gas or coal to boost the efficiency of the fuel.

An advantage of solar thermal power is that thermal energy can be stored efficiently and fuels such as natural gas or biogas may be used as backup to ensure continuous operation. If this technology is combined with power plants operating on fossil fuels, it has the potential to extend the time frame of the existing fossil fuels.

Our services for concentrated solar power (CSP):

  • • Feasibility studies for solar thermal power projects
  • • Research and development support
  • • Development of CSP simulators
  • • Ray-tracing analysis of concentrators
  • • Power plant performance modeling
  • • Optimization of solar field thermal output
  • • Control optimization
  • • Technical reviews, supervisions
Concentrating solar power (CSP) offers an ideal alternative strategy to meet electricity demand in a future of uncertain conventional resources.

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